How to take care of your hair in Spring/Summer?

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With new summer, the harmful rays of sun appear as your new enemy. These rays are harmful not only to your skin but also for your hair in many ways. Overexposure of hairs to such harmful rays leads to hair problems such as dry hair, oily dandruff, limpy hair etc. How to successfully protect your beautiful hairs during the summer season? Here are five essential steps to be followed to shield your hairs from summer heat and keep them intact throughout the summer.

Step 1
Make sure to cover your hair rightly whenever you are going out during the day. The UV rays are harsh during the summer, and that’s where it absorbs the moisture content of the hair making it dry and prone to damage.

Step 2
You must use a good quality conditioner which has got inbuilt sunscreen SPF 50 in it. You can use a hair conditioner which has got inbuilt sunscreen characteristic into it as to shield your hairs from UVA/UVB exposure by creating a protective layer between the UV rays and your hairs.

Step 3
After every hair washes make sure to use a branded hair repair serum on semi-wet hair lotion. Hair repair serum must be used after every hair wash. This hair repair lotion should be applied from the mid of hair shaft to the end on half wet and half dry hairs.

Step 4
Have sufficient amount of water so that your hair stays hydrated all the time. During the summer season, one should have at least 3-4 litres of water daily. Drinking plenty of water also helps to eliminate hair issues such as dandruff and Dermatitis Seborrhea

Step 5 Also, shampoo your scalp on a regular basis. Shampooing your scalp helps it to get rid of the dirt and the presence of oil on the scalp. It also helps in inhibiting the generation of oily dandruff on the scalp as it eliminates the excess of sebum regularly. An ideal shampoo for hair thinning enhances not only the volume of your strands but also promote growth and circulation of hair follicles.

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