How often should we have a hair trim?

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If you wish to have healthy hair, regular trims are necessary. I have perfect hair and have never experienced hair fall – said no woman ever. The ends of your hair can become rough with normal wear and tear, exposure to various harmful elements, and just hair are getting old. But, how often should you trim your hair? Let’s discuss some factors that will help you decide when it’s time to trim your hair.

For healthy hair
If you have healthy locks, getting a trim around three or four times a year should be enough. This is like a preventive measure to maintain better hair ends and stop split ends before they even begin. Usually whenever the season changes, get your hair trimmed immediately.

For fine hair
If your hair strands are very fine, regular trimming is more often needed because fine hair tends to be more fragile and splits rapidly. Consider hair trimming every five to six weeks to retain added length and keep your ends looking quite healthy.

For curly/coily textured hair
Since curly and coily textured hair are more prone to irritating tangles, it is essential to trim regularly because the hair split ends will tend to curl around itself and lead to complicated knots. With natural hair, oils cannot get to the ends, so such hairs tend to get dry and causes split ends. If you notice your hair, especially at the ends, are incredibly frizzy, you will know it’s time for a perfect hair trim. Some can wait up to the 8 weeks between trims, while other who wear protective styles can go up to 12 weeks.

For colour-treated hair
The rule of thumb for colour-treated hair is to have a trim with every treatment. If you’re getting your roots touched up, you should trim your ends at the same time. Colour-treated hairs tend to be drier which can result in split ends and breakage. The goal here, again, is healthy hair maintenance – trim those ends every time before they start to split.

For damaged hair
Heat styling, colouring, and other chemical treatments might cause damage to your hair strands. If your hairs are more prone to split ends due to damage from these processes, trimming your hair, every 8 weeks will help keep your hair quite healthy. If your hair is of finer quality and more vulnerable to breakage, you might need to trim even more often.

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