The 5 Best Essential Oils for Hair

natural oils for hair

When it comes to applying the best quality essential oils for hair, there are many choices. Whether you are looking to treat dandruff, thicken your hair, and dry scalp or offer your hair strength and shine, essential oils are much reliable and as effective as conventional hair care products. In this blog, we will discuss 5 different essential oils that will give you better quality hair.

  1. Lavender

Studies have shown that lavender oil possesses hair growth-promoting effects. Lavender oil has antimicrobial characteristics, and it can be used to fight against bacterial and fungal disorders. Some other lavender oil advantages are its soothing ability to your scalp and healing capability of the dry skin and hair. Plus, because emotional stress is a huge factor that can add to thinning hair, lavender oil can be utilised to create a stress-free environment.

  1. Rosemary

Rosemary oil is one of the popular essential oils for hair thickness as well as growth. It is used to enhance cellular metabolism, which stimulates the growth of hair and promotes better healing. The benefits of rosemary oil also comprise limiting baldness, slowing the process of greying, treating dry scalp and dandruff. To use rosemary oil for your hair, mix it with olive oil, and then massage the mixture into your scalp for about a couple of minutes. Leave it in your hair for 2-3 hours, and then wash your hairs.

  1. Chamomile

Chamomile oil is an excellent essential oil for hair because it adds more shine and softness to your hair while offering a soothing effect your scalp. Chamomile essential oil can be used to lighten your hair naturally. Combine chamomile essential oil with a small amount of sea salt and baking soda. Use lukewarm water to make a paste and apply this mixture to your hair. Allow it to sit for about 20-25 minutes before rinsing it out.

  1. Cedarwood

To stimulate the hair follicles by enhancing circulation to the scalp, nothing is better than the cedarwood oil. It can support hair growth and slow hair loss; it can also treat the thinning hair and different types of alopecia. Cedarwood essential oil can also help to decrease skin irritations and repel the scalp bugs, which can be helpful on the summer nights. Cedarwood can be applied scalp and hair. It mixes well with soothing oils like lavender as well as carrier oils such as coconut oil.

  1. Clary Sage

An essential ester in clary sage oil called linalyl acetate decreases skin inflammation and controls the production of oil on the skin. Clary sage also works as an antibacterial agent and a natural remedy for rashes. Most importantly, clary sage can be used to help you balance hormones and relieve stress. Clary sage works fine with THE jojoba oil as their blend helps you to evade scaly or flaky patches which lead to dandruff.

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