How to Choose the Right Highlighter for Different Skin Tones?

The beauty industry is now full of beauty products and cosmetic inventions so that sometimes we can even lose ourselves in this sea of beauty. Using a highlighter has many benefits. When you use a small bit of a good quality highlighter to the inner corners of your lovely eyes, the whole eye area will immediately get brighten up, make you look more awake and open up your eyes. Highlighters can make you look younger. You can spice up your everyday look add a highlighter on top of your beautiful cheekbones. It will add dimension and create a wonderful reflection. But how to choose the right highlighter for the right skin tone? Read this blog to get answers.

Fair Skin Tones
People with pale to light skin tones should go for highlighters with an icy-silver, pearlescent, or with a champagne sheen. The light pigment adds just sufficient radiance to your complexion without making you look ghostlike. You can try YSL Touche Éclat White Strobing Pen or NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick in the Lavender Lust shade. People with fair skins should avoid going with shades which are too warm or have red undertones. Anything darker and the product can come off as a little less ‘glow’ and a little more ‘faux.’ If you want a little colour to warm up your face, try applying a cream-based peach or a light tan bronzer or a soft pink blush to the cheeks before swiping on your highlighter. This will offer your face that nice post-run glow which is natural and not overdone.

Medium-to-Olive Skin Tones
To retain your beautiful complexion from looking extremely frosty, warmer skin tones go well with highlighters which have peach or golden undertones. The hint of colour is enough to offer you that sun-kissed glow! Medium skin tones simply need NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator which is in the Sunbeam shade. You can also choose the gold route, for warmer skin tones, with a product such as L’Oréal True Match Lumi Powder in Golden. Since your skin tone naturally accommodates a bronzed look, try going a step further. Add a bronze or gold eyeshadow and earthy metallic lipstick to make you resemble like a golden goddess. It’s perfect for the warmer spring as well as summer months when you want to look like you spent hours sunning yourself at the beach.

Dark Skin Tones
Rich variations of bronze or rose gold work wonder on darker complexions. Be sure to look for multiple options that pack a ton of pigment and steer clear of opalescent, frosty shades, as they can cause the skin to look quite greyish instead of lit-from-within. Keep your focus only on warm hues. Also, since your highlighter match goes well with bronzer, try mixing it in with your foundation to offer your face an all-over glow that’s simply natural and stunning.


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