Things you should know about bruising after dermal fillers

Things You Should Know About Bruising After Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler treatment is a great way for many cosmetic problems which are usually caused by aging. These include wrinkles, thinning and losing definition of lips, under eye hollows, tear troughs, and eye bags. Although dermal filler injections are known for being highly effective for such cosmetic concerns, many are afraid of these procedures because of the temporary side effects.

These side effects of dermal filler treatment such as bruising look scary. There’s no denying that. It’s normal for most patients to experience swelling, redness, and bruising after dermal filler injections. It’s difficult for even highly experienced consultants to avoid such side effects due to how tiny your blood vessels are.

It’s very easy for blood vessels to get pierced during the procedures which lead to bruising after dermal fillers. However, the good news is, there’s a product which can provide relief to bruising after Botox treatments and help you get rid of those painful looking side effects in quick time. If used properly, you can actually avoid those negative effects completely.

How Proboxin Works

Aftercare is very important following any surgical or non-surgical procedure and that applies to dermal filler treatment too. Proboxin has been proven to be highly effective against bruising and other side effects of dermal injection treatments.

You can start using Proboxin aftercare cream from the first day upon completion of your dermal filler treatment. It’s recommended that you continue to use it for a week, twice a day to ensure that negative side effects are kept at bay.

Proboxin is a specially designed formula using natural compounds found in Arnica, Passion Fruit, Green tea, SPF-25, and Retinol. These ingredients have a soothing effect on your infected or irritated skin to minimize or eliminate any bruising that may occur after Botox or dermal filler treatment.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable experiencing side effects of Botox treatment. However, with the use of Proboxin, you can keep those scary looking side effects to a bare minimum.

Pain relief is another important factor. Bruising after dermal filler treatment can be discomforting, to say the least. The use of Proboxin helps you experience minimum to no pain, making sure that you can get back to your normal routine in no time. That along with no wrinkles, beautiful lips, and young and fresh looking under eyes!

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