How Swelling after Dermal Fillers Takes Place

How Swelling after Dermal Fillers Takes Place

Dermal fillers have been used as a highly effective anti-wrinkle treatment by cosmetic surgeons for years. While dermal fillers are effective against many cosmetic concerns, like with any other treatment, there are a few side effects too. After a dermal filler surgery, you may experience headaches, bruising, redness, inflammation or swelling in the treated area. Therefore aftercare is a very vital factor in a dermal filler treatment.

Swelling After Dermal Fillers

You are more likely to experience swelling one or two days after having dermal filler treatment. However, sometimes it can take up to three days for swelling and bruising to occur based on the cause for the swelling.

Bruising and other common side effects are common followed by Botox and dermal filler treatment on your lips, cheeks or marionette lines.

Swelling after dermal fillers can differ with the type of products that were used during the procedure. The number of needle applications that were used during the procedure and the depth of the placement of the dermal fillers are also major factors. Especially, the dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid tend to cause bruising as these products absorb water similar to sponges.

Swelling after dermal fillers might subside after a few hours or it can continue for days in some instances.

Dermal Filler Aftercare

Proboxin cream is the first ever aftercare treatment for dermal fillers. It doesn’t only provide relief for the bruising and swelling after a dermal filler treatment, but also for the other side effects as well.

With Proboxin cream, you can continue your daily routine after your dermal filling instead of waiting for natural healing to kick in. Proboxin cream has passion fruit oil, retinol, arnica, green tea and SPF 25 that will quicken the healing process. Passion fruit and retinol in Proboxin cream boost collagen production that is required for the elimination of your wrinkles. Arnica and green tea have anti-inflammatory ingredients that will provide quick relief.

Thanks to Proboxin, you can stop worrying about the scary looking side effects of dermal filler treatment such as Redness, bruising, and swelling. You can now consult a good clinic and undergo dermal filler treatments knowing that you have Proboxin aftercare cream to take care of the possible side effects.

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