Five fragrances that smell JUST LIKE SUMMER!

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Summer is that time of a year when things are much different in every sense. While being on vacation or staying in the city, most women fancy a fragrance with a summer vibe that mesmerises smells exotic yet elegant. Essential perfume features like coconut milk, fruity notes, and floral elements are high on their preference list while hunting for their ideal summer scent. Let us go through a quick journey to top 5 fragrances that smell just like summer.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc
It is inspired by the remote private islands where summer season lasts all year and every day seamlessly blends into the next. Soleil Blanc is an addictive solar floral amber fragrance that is alive with seductive refinement and refreshing indulgence. The captivating aroma wraps a bouquet of white florals in a golden, amber-sandalwood embrace. TOM FORD’s modern private blend creation exudes the endless pursuit of summer and the real charm that defines TOM FORD Soleil.

Bobbi Brown Beach
This bestselling fragrance captures the atmosphere and mood of summer. Designed with a classic blend of jasmine, mandarin, and sea spray, this Eau de parfum is wearable anytime, anywhere during the summer. A light, happy and nostalgic fragrance that evokes warm sunshine and the enchanting sea breeze.

Maison Margiela “Replica” Beach Walk
Just close your eyes and let this scent transport you to the nostalgic memories of the afternoon stroll along the sea. The sun falls gently through the beautiful sky; a soft breeze balances its warmth with the subtle scent of the water. As the name suggests, the Beach Walk elicits hints of ocean spray and captivates the carefree bliss of a summer day.

Oribe Côte D’ Azur
This much-celebrated trademark fragrance for the Oribe hair care line was skillfully designed by one of the most adored French fragrance houses, presenting them with the excellent foundation for a classy fragrance. With its elegant notes of white butterfly jasmine, Calabrian bergamot, and sandalwood, this fragrance personifies the charm and heat of the fabulous destination.

Coqui “Coco Coco”
Discover the soft and beautiful side of coconut aroma. Like a warm coastal breeze, Coco Coco gives the real scent of the coconut tree- neither fake and sweet nor too strong, but rather deftly mouthwatering, lightly green and exquisitely natural. It’s the perfect summer scent- confident, comfortable, and supremely sexy.

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