Essential Tips to Reduce Skin Redness

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The redness on the skin is worrisome except its due to the blushing.

Multiple reasons make your skin turn red. Most are related to the genetics or the surrounding environment. But for people who have fair, sensitive, or highly-reactive skin, or rosacea, redness can be a consistent issue. While there is no final cure, redness may be helped with the following changes in your lifestyle or everyday products.

1. Drop that bar of soap!
Opt for a soothing, creamy and non-soap cleanser. Such cleansers are less irritating to the skin and don’t cause any skin.

2. Throw out the bathwaterBioderma Sensibio ar anti-redness cream.
Extremely sensitised skin can be too sensitive to water, especially hot water. Avoid excessive bathing or showering, and ask your skin care expert about cleansers formed for removal with cool, damp cotton.

3. Get physical — sunscreen, that is
Daily exposure to the sun can irritate the skin, but so can the chemical SPFs. Opt for a physical sunscreen, such as Bioderma Sensibio ar anti-redness cream. Even better, use one that has skin-soothing ingredients such as Licorice or Green Tea.

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4. Ditch the irritants
Using or mixing too numerous products that contain known irritants, such as artificial fragrances, lanolin and colours, can worsen the sensitivity, flushing and irritation. Also, avoid cleansing with harsh tools such as loofahs or scrubs.

5. Turn down the heat
Avoid foods which are known to trigger blood flow like spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol,  red wine, artificial sweeteners, tomatoes and dairy products. They could be triggering the skin redness.

6. Go green
Using a quality moisturiser with a green natural mineral tint, alone or underneath your usual makeup can help prevent the facial redness.

7. Put down that cigarette
Smoking is somewhat like smothering your skin from the inside; it hinders the body’s ability to offer necessary oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells while restricting the blood vessels. This can leave skin more sensitive to sensitivity.

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