Botox Aftercare Instructions

Botox Aftercare Instructions


The aftercare treatment of Botox is important as during the treatment. According to experts, certain activities notably during the first day after treatment day may determine if there will be any resulting complication such as side effects or not.

How long it will take for Botox to bond

A Botox treatment is completed in about 15 minutes but it will take it about 90 minutes to bound with the muscle. And the full effect will be evident in a week or two. Most patients report slight swelling after their Botox treatment which usually disappears in a few hours.

Botox aftercare for the first few days

  • During the first day, you may experience some swelling and or bruising at the site of injection. This is common with most treatment involving injection.

Avoid: Rubbing the treated areas during the first 4 hours of aftercare Botox treatment; avoid headwear that fits too tightly across your forehead.

  • In the Second day of Botox aftercare, the swelling may still persist.

Note: The Botox treatment is unlikely to be evident by now.

  • In the third day of aftercare Botox treatment, all swelling and bruises should have reduced or disappear.
  • Between the fourth and sixth day, the effect of the results could be noticed with some wrinkles smoothing out already.
  • On the seventh day, the skin should look better than before.

Note: You can now start using your makeups and face cleansers now.

Note: All normal activities such as exercise could be resumed now.

To reduce Botox aftercare treatment side effects, Proboxin is a suitable option. All effects and complications like swelling and bruising are minimally reduced in patients that use it before the procedure. Patients who used it after the treatment have observable swelling and bruising disappeared earlier.

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