Avoiding Bruising After Botox

Avoiding Bruising After Botox

Just like regular side-effects of Botox treatments such as inflammation and swelling, bruising is common. These side effects do look very serious in appearance, but avoiding and recovering from them is possible with proper care after injecting.

Botox treatment involves injecting into various areas on your face. It’s sometimes unavoidable to stop a needle from piercing one of your blood vessels near an infected area which can later result in bruising after Botox treatment.

It’s important to remember that these blood vessels are very small and even a highly experienced and skilled consultant can accidentally poke one while injecting. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared for Botox bruising if you’re undergoing treatment rather than having to endure painful side-effects that simply look scary.

Monitor Your Skin Carefully for Botox Bruising

Bruising after Botox doesn’t happen for every patient who undergoes a Botox treatment. As explained above, it occurs when a blood vessel in an infected area is pierced. Once you’ve completed your Botox treatment, monitor your skin carefully for early signs of Botox bruising.

It’s normal to experience skin inflammation and swelling after the treatment, but if signs of bruising appear, it’s a very good idea to quickly apply a Botox aftercare cream to prevent bruising after Botox.

Multi-Action Botox Aftercare Cream

With the nature of dermal filler injection procedures, it’s unrealistic not to expect side effects such as Redness, swelling, inflammation, and bruising. However, you can avoid all these painful side effects including Botox bruising with the use of a good Botox aftercare cream.

Proboxin is the world’s first product aimed at dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injection aftercare. It minimizes swelling, inflammation, and bruising after Botox with the help of soothing compounds found in natural ingredients such as Arnica, green tea, and passion fruit as well as retinol and SPF 25.

This powerful and sophisticated solution has the ability to free you from painful side-effects of Botox treatment including Botox bruising.

If you’re someone who has been intimidated by the temporary, yet painful possible side-effects of dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections, now you can seek the help of those amazing treatments without worrying. All you need to do is to follow the aftercare instructions explained by your consultant and apply Proboxin after the treatment to keep those side-effects at bay!

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