At What Age Should I Start Injectables

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Patients often ask the anti-wrinkle injectors when to start the injections of neuromodulators such as anti-wrinkle or dermal fillers. To put it simply, there’s no ‘right age’ to begin the injectables. Rather, you should start with anti-wrinkle injectables when the time’s right for preventative support.The injectables also have some side-effect, where there is a swellingand redness after Botox, but it can be easily countered with anti-wrinkle creams like Proboxin.

So, avoiding Botox can take away youthful look. It’s best to take preventive steps instead of waiting for the inevitable. By putting off the routine maintenance, you’ll end up spending more time and money to correct issues in the future.

What signs should I look for?

Much like your house, you may not notice blemishes while they’re small. After all, you look at your face every day, and those tiny lines may go unseen until they become a real problem.

So, while frowning you may notice frown lines between your eyes, but while your face is at rest, you shouldn’t see them. So if you are noticing even the faintest lines between your eyes while your face is at a neutral position, it’s apparently time for an injectable like anti-wrinkle.

Some people prefer to start anti-wrinkle injections before they notice any lines or wrinkles at all. By injecting the anti-wrinkle in the muscles of the upper face which are responsible for frown lines and horizontal lines, such lines never get a chance to develop in the first place.

What about dermal fillers?

If you’re looking for a dermal filler to resist signs of ageing, your mid-20s is often an excellent time to begin. Your body begins to lose bone and collagen around the age of 26, so it’s a good time to start maintenance injections. By starting early in the 20s, you’ll need less product than if you wait until your 50s. Plus, you’ll preserve a natural, fresh appearance over the years of youth instead of seeing a more exciting change when you’re much older.

Dermal fillers have a much wider use though. They can be used at any age to plump up your lips, add volume to the cheeks, add some dimension to chins or develop nose bridges. For these purposes, start dermal fillers whenever you’re ready to promote your confidence!

The bottom line is this: there’s no right age to start the injectables. You should start when you’re ready. But as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So the earlier you start, the comfortable it will be to maintain a youthful, and radiant appearance as you grow older.

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